Forum Thread: Lets Play Star Trek Online Romulan Walkthrough - STO 2018 - Part 2 ?

Welcome to my Let's Play of Star Trek Online, a Romulan Walkthrough. This is part 4 of my new lets play of the Romulan faction in Star Trek Online (sto), showing the latest updates prior to the upcoming Victory is Life expansion.

In this episode, we battle with the Cardassian 'True Way', and assist them in meeting their final doom. Also, we find out some intelligence on the mysterious Elachi. Most importantly, we put an end to their evil operations.

This is the first part of the series that is recorded, without having been a livestream. So please enjoy the boost in video resolution.

Star Trek Online (sto) is a Star Trek MMO, set in the 25th century of the television series. It is developed by Cryptic Studios, and currently published or managed by Arc games. Therefore, all rights to Star Trek Online (sto) belong to them.

Hi all, I'm a UK based YouTuber, focusing on producing quality gaming videos. I provide content from games such as Star Trek Online, Destiny 2, Monster Hunter World, Warhammer Total War, Attila: Total War, Stellaris…and many, many more. These are normally in a walkthrough, or let's play format, to ensure I walkthrough everything with my viewers, and they can see the entire story unfold. I then produce endgame content, once a let's play is complete.

Personally, I am a PC gamer through and through, believing the PC gamer to be a so-called master race (for want of a better word). However, if there is a really ps4 on ps4 pro or xbox one x, I have been known to defect ??

My PC is my life, and as such it has an impressive specification.

If you want to know when I release a video, here is a rough schedule:

Star Trek Online – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Destiny 2 – Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
Stellaris – Saturday, Sunday
Monster Hunter World – Monday, Thursday, Friday

Here is my twitter link:
And here is my facebook page:

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